Explore the wonders of Egypt with our exceptional day tours and sightseeing trips. From Cairo to Luxor, discover the ancient treasures and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this r...

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Explore the enchanting land of Egypt with our meticulously designed tours. Offering a wide range of options, our guided day tours in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada allow you to delve deep into the fascinating history and mesmerizing beauty of this ancient civilization.

Discover the timeless wonders of Cairo, the bustling capital city, with its iconic pyramids of Giza, the majestic Sphinx, and the world-renowned Egyptian Museum. Wander through Luxor, often referred to as an open-air museum, where you can marvel at the intricately carved temples of Karnak and Luxor, and explore the hauntingly beautiful Valley of the Kings.

Cruise along the legendary Nile River, immersing yourself in the rich heritage of Aswan, home to the magnificent Philae Temple and the towering High Dam. Explore the vibrant coastal city of Alexandria, known for its stunning Mediterranean beaches and remarkable historical sites such as the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa and the stunning Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

For those seeking a relaxing beach getaway, we offer tours to the sun-kissed destinations of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Dive into crystal-clear waters, indulge in water sports, or simply unwind on pristine beaches while immersing yourself in the luxurious resorts and vibrant nightlife.

If you are traveling on a cruise, our private shore excursions from Alexandria Port, Ain El Sokhna Port, Port Said, and more, allow you to make the most of your time ashore. With our expert guides and personalized itineraries, you can explore the best of Egypt's attractions and experiences seamlessly.

At Emo Tours Egypt, we strive to provide exceptional service, ensuring that your journey through Egypt is hassle-free and unforgettable. With our experienced guides and well-planned itineraries, we are committed to delivering an enriching and immersive travel experience, tailored to your interests and preferences.


Book your dream tour in Egypt with us today and embark on a captivating adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Cairo Day Tours

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Luxor Day Tours

Luxor day trips visiting Luxor Temple ,Karnak Temple,The Colossi Of Memnon ,Valley Of The Kings ,Temple of queen Hatshepsut ,day trip to Temple Of Medinat Habu of Ramses III ,Valley Of The Queens,Valley Of The Nobles ,Temple Of Dendera ,Temple of Esna,Temple Of Abydos,Felucca Ride Sailing on the Nile,Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

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Aswan Day Tours

Aswan day trips includes Abu Simble day tour from Aswan,Philae Temple ,Unfinished Obelisk day tour,Nubian Village day tour ,Felucca Ride in Aswan,Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples from Aswan,Kalabsha Temple and Nubian Museum day tour


Alexandria Day Tours

Alexandria Day Tours includes trips to The Castle of Qaitbay ,The Pompeii Pillar ,The Catacombs of Kom El-Shouqafa ,The Amphitheatre of Kom El-Dikka ,The Montazah Palace Gardens,All those sites can be visited in one day

Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours

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Hurghada Day Tours

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