About Us

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Cairo, there lived a young man named Ayman. Known by his friends and family as Emo, he possessed a unique spirit and a burning desire to carve his own path in life. In 1997, Emo received the news he had long been waiting for - he had been accepted into the prestigious Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Cairo University.As Emo embarked on his journey through university, he quickly realized that his true passion lay in the world of travel and exploration. He was captivated by the idea of showcasing the rich history, culture, and beauty of Egypt to the rest of the world. With each passing day, his dream of establishing his own travel agency, aptly named Emo Tour, grew stronger.Determined to turn his dream into a reality, Emo dedicated himself to his studies, absorbing every bit of knowledge about the tourism industry. He sought guidance from his professors, attended seminars, and even took up part-time jobs at local travel agencies to gain hands-on experience. Emo's unwavering commitment and eagerness to learn set him apart from his peers.




Upon graduating with honors, Emo wasted no time in setting up his own travel agency. Armed with a small office space, a computer, and a phone, he began his journey as an entrepreneur. Emo Tour was born.




In the early days, Emo faced numerous challenges. He had to compete with established tour companies in Egypt, many of which had been operating for decades. However, Emo's passion, creativity, and determination helped him overcome these obstacles. He worked tirelessly, day and night, to create unique and unforgettable travel experiences for his clients.

Emo's attention to detail and personalized approach soon garnered attention. Word of mouth spread, and before long, Emo Tour started gaining recognition as a reliable and customer-centric agency. Emo's dedication to providing exceptional service, combined with his deep knowledge of Egypt's historical landmarks and hidden gems, set his company apart.

As Emo Tour's reputation grew, so did its client base. Emo expanded his team, carefully selecting individuals who shared his passion for travel and commitment to excellence. Together, they worked to create tailor-made itineraries, ensuring that every traveler's experience was nothing short of extraordinary.



Over the years, Emo Tour flourished, becoming one of the leading tour companies in Egypt. Emo's unwavering dedication, coupled with his ability to adapt to the changing industry landscape, propelled his company to new heights. Emo Tour expanded its services, offering a wide range of travel packages, including cultural tours, adventure trips, and luxury experiences.

Today, Emo Tour stands tall as a symbol of Ayman's unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit. The company continues to thrive, welcoming travelers from all corners of the globe, eager to explore the wonders of Egypt. Emo's story serves as a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a little bit of courage, dreams can indeed come true.




When you want to plan a holiday in Egypt, Emo Tours Egypt is the travel company to trust. We are DMC Egypt and ready to handle every detail. Just let us know what you want to see and do and we’ll make it happen.

Since 2009, Emo Tours Egypt travel experts have been researching the travel options for people who want to spend their holidays in the Egypt, over the past two decades, we’ve learned a lot about what our clients and customers want. We can provide excellent itineraries for individuals, families, or groups and we can handle all bookings so that you are never inconvenienced during your stay in the Egypt. And if you’d prefer to have more flexibility, we can arrange your trip so you have the free time to explore and experience spontaneous adventures during your holidays.





Emo Tours Egypt has been working with tour companies, airlines, and local hotels for a long time. That means that we have a relationship that gives us special benefits with each of the service providers we book with. If you need to change your bookings, you can do that when you work with us. We handle any changes so that you don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re not happy with your holiday plans, and we guarantee high quality in all price ranges when you book with us, you’ll always stay at the best accommodation in your price range. We’ll work with you to figure out a way to have the Egypt holiday of your dreams, ensuring that it is affordable or luxurious, depending on your preferences. And there will never be surprise hidden costs.

When you go on holiday, you won’t want to be worried about whether or not the hotel is up to your standards or the tour you’ve booked will be cancelled or delayed. When you visit a country, it’s hard to know who to trust and which vendors to work with. Emo Tours Egypt, we’ve put everything into becoming the local resource for people who want the best Egypt holidays imaginable, with no stress and no unanswered questions. You can rely on us, which means you can truly relax during your holiday.

Emo Tours Egypt is accredited by Ministry of Tourism in Egypt since 2009 under license Egypt licensed No- 2375

We are members of the Egyptian Travel Agent Association (E.T.A.A). We’re DMC Egypt offering our services to the international community that wants to see this beautiful and unique part of the world.

Emo Tours Egypt is member of Ioeti - International Organization for the Electronic Tourism Industry moreover we are top ranked TripAdvisor company Based on 6000 Online Reviews and it has been recognized as the best tour company in Egypt and it has own Certificate of Excellence from TripAdviosr last 10 years Starting from 2010