Vip Luxor Tours

Ab USD 187

Prices Quoted Per Person in U.S.D (187$)

Private Car + Guide + Entry fees 

Ab USD 187

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Around 12:30 WE will be available in my hotel in Luxor.  I am arriving from a Nile Cruise at 11:00 more or less.  
(Pavillon Winter Luxor) 
Visit Karnak + Luxor temples with tickets (START AT 12:00 //12:30 HOURS) 
(6 hours) 
2ND LUXOR TEMPLE (To see it at sunset) 
(PRIVATE CAR, Guide + entry fees) 
Pick up: Pavillon Winter Luxor hotel 
Return:  Luxor temple/ Pavillon Winter Luxor Hotel 
42 USD PER 2??? 84 USD 
PICK UP AT 8:00 AT Karnak temple ( at the entrance). 
Travel to Dendera to visit the temple ( private car+entry fees+ guide) 
In our way back Break in  Al Moudira Palace (free time for us) 
Return: Pavillon Winter Luxor Hotel. 
55 USD per 2=   110 USD ???? 
WEDNESDAY  16 TH AUGUST  LUXOR  (the whole day)
Pick up at Pavillon Winter Luxor Hotel.  5:00/05:30 am  to arrive early  to the VALLEY OF THE KINGS (private car+ guide for the visits). We will buy the tickets according to the tombs available and the ones that we want to visit. We know that we can visit 3 tombs and there are some of them not included. 
-Visit the Valley of the Kings.  (  Tomb KV2 de Ramses IV, KV6 de Ramses IX, KV11 de Ramses III, KV9 tombs of Ramses VI, KV17 Seti I) 

-Visit the Valley of the Queens (we would like to enter Nefertari Tomb), QV66 de Nefertari QV52 de Titi, QV44 de Jaemuaset 

 -Visit Hatshepsut temple 

-Stop at Colossi of Memnon 
-Templo de Ramses III en Medinet Habu,   
-Visit Deir el Medina (Valley of the Artisans)TT1 de SennedyemTT218TT219 y TT220 familia Nebenmaat 

 -The Nobles Tomb (valley of the Nobles) Al- Qurna (Tomb of Sennefer TT96), tumba TT100 de Rekhmire, TT359 de Inherkhau 
-Transfer to airport at 17:30 to pick up our flight to Cairo. 

90 USD per 2=   180 USD