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От USD 190

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Online Booking for Sleeping train save your time Only with Emo Tours Egypt your Reservation is guaranteed, the journey takes between 10 to 13 hours and accommodation on the train includes dinner and Breakfast next day. You book and pay now and we`ll send the tickets to you at your Location when you arrive to Cairo, You Only pay 10% Booking fees +Ticket Price, sleeping train from Cairo to Luxor or from Cairo to Aswan and Return from Aswan to Cairo or from Luxor to Cairo. 

Prices Quoted in u.s.d

Single cabin = 126 $

Double Cabin = 184  $

Child From (4- 9 YR) = 80 $

Note : Prices Quoted in u.s.d Per one Way Per Cabin from Luxor/Aswan to Cairo & Vice Versa From Cairo to Luxor/Aswan

От USD 190

+1 Дополнительные услуги

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Book Sleeping train tickets online in Egypt now with Emo Tours and Secure your Cabin before you arrive to Egypt

We Book Sleeping train tickets on behalf of you until you arrive to egypt and we deliver the Tickets to your Location when you arrive

You Only pay 10% Booking fees +Ticket Price 

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Saving Time

Tickets will be delivered to your Location in Cairo,Luxor or Aswan

Booking Guaranteed 

Dinner and Breakfast included on Board 

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